Exploring Temper Bead Welding

19.11.2012 15:08

exploring Temoper bead weldingInformación, en ingles sobre la técnica de soldadura Temper Bead, enlace externo a la web de Sperko Engineering


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For many years, metallurgists have recognized that welding can have both positive and negative effects on the properties of the base metals being joined as well as on previously deposited weld metal.  Historically, one way of ameliorating some of these deleterious effects was postweld heat treatment of welds. Postweld heat treatment was sometimes known a stress-relieving because it lowered residual stress in welds from yield-pointorder of magnitude to about one-third of yield.  For high-carbon steels or low alloy steels, postweld heat treatment also tempered hard microstructures containing Martensite, improving resistance to cracking by improving the toughness of the weld metal or heat- affected zone.


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